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Terri Kirby Erickson

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Terri Kirby Erickson, author and poet of Thread Count, hasn’t sold a lot of books yet, but she is working so hard. I wanted to feature her in this hall of fame because of the variety of things she has done to market her poetry book. She deserves a mention here. Here is an email she sent me with the things she’s done so far:

I can’t brag that I’ve sold a billion copies of my self-published book of poetry, Thread Count, but I’ve certainly managed to get a lot of local attention all by my lonesome self!! As a result of publishing this book:

1. I was asked to join the Courses for Community Faculty at Salem College, and am now teaching a class entitled, “Poetry as Distilled Experience.”

2. I was asked by my alma mater to do a television promo for the school’s English department. I think it is still running on WXII.

3. Our local Borders reviewed the book, liked it, and is now selling it.

4. A columnist for our local newspaper, The Winston-Salem Journal, interviewed me and an article came out about my book in their Clemmons Journal back in April.

5. I was asked by a local coffee shop to do a book signing, and I also did a reading at the library. Both were very well attended, and I sold lots of books.

6. IBD News put the Journal article in its newsletter.

7. My poem, “Thread Count,” was nominated as a librarian’s favorite poem for the North Carolina Arts Council website in honor of National Poetry Month.

8. Paris Voice Magazine ( published my poem, “Luncheon in Paris” in their Reader’s Forum section, with a link to Amazon.

9. Forsyth Magazine interviewed me and did a piece on my life and book for their “Women on the Move” section. They also published two of my poems.

10. I have an interview next week, to see if WFDD Radio wants to do an on-air interview with me…I guess to make sure I’m not a lunatic with a voice like Minnie Mouse!! :o)

And, there are probably other things that I’ve left out... All in all, it’s been rather amazing. Of course, it would be nice to branch out of “local” more than I have ... although a place in Paris Voice is not bad!!

Also, I recently sold a new poem to the Christian Science Monitor, which is pretty exciting. I wish I could just phone “Aunt Oprah” for a spot on her show. HA!! But, I’m afraid I don’t have those kinds of contacts!! :o)

Anyway, you have a very interesting website. Thank you for compiling all this information. I have a website, too, by the way, if you are curious:


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