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Michael Murphy

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Michael Murphy, author and publisher of Powerful Attitudes, has taken to heart a recommendation that I made in 1001 Ways to Market Your Books: Get out onto the street and sell your book! Here's his story:

I thought you might find this humorous and/or intriguing. I self-published a book in August called Powerful Attitudes. I've got some heavy-duty guys who have promised to promote me. However, these aren't going to come about until after the first of the year.

So, in the meantime, I've been standing on the street in Dallas, Texas (60 miles from my home) and selling my book. I sold 55 one day last week. Today, Sunday, I sold 123 books. Not a bad day for a guy standing on the street corner.

In addition, a local news network affiliate called me and asked me when I was going to be out there again. They apparently want to do a story on me.

I had two signs (20" x 24") made up. I attached them to a 6 ft. long stick with Velcro (so I could get them in my car). One is the cover of my book and the other says, Buy My Book, Only $15.

I even had two ladies go to the local convenience store and buy a disposable camera. They came back and wanted their picture made with me. It was hilarious!


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