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The Self-Publishing
Hall of Fame

Vickie Stringer

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Unable to get the interest of major publishers in her hip-hop novel, former madam, cocaine dealer, and federal prisoner Vickie Stringer self-published Let That Be the Reason. She began by hawking her book in beauty parlors and barbershops and to street book vendors. Soon her book was an underground hit, so bookstores began to stock her book as well.

As a result, authors began sending her manuscripts. Soon she formed Triple Crown Publications to publish their titles. In 16 months, she published 14 additional titles and sold more than 300,000 copies. Mainstream publishers took notice and began publishing their own lines of hip-hop novels, a genre begun by Stringer. In addition, several major publishers competed to be allowed to distribute Triple Crown into the book trade.

For more on her story, see the article about her that was published in the January issue of $1,000,000aire Blueprints, a nationally published business magazine distributed by Time Warner, that offers detailed examples and step-by-step instructions from self-made millionaires. For more information, please visit

For the Millionaire Blueprints article, click here.


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